The Process

Each item that we make at Adirondack Iron starts with simple bars of iron or copper. Through heat, hammering, and some light machine work the bars are transformed into unique works of craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. While we do use some power tools, the bulk of the work is still done with hammer and anvil, while the metal is red hot from the forge.

Most of Adirondack Iron’s forged iron work can be personalized with short messages from 3-8 characters. These numbers, letters, and symbols are made using antique stamps that are hammered into the surface of the iron while it is hot from the fire. It is a simple looking task that takes years of practice to do evenly and quickly. Because it is completely by hand, the stamping will not be perfectly square or uniform like laser engraving, instead it is deep and rugged. You won’t ever have to worry about the customized message coming off of your item, it is literally forged right in!

Each order is made with personal care and attention. Unlike the big box stores where products have never been touched by human hands, every item from Adirondack Iron undergoes strict scrutiny for quality and beauty. We can't wait to here from you! We are excited to help you find your unique handmade gift, for yourself or your loved ones!