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Adirondack Iron

Iron Tally Mark Keychain

Iron Tally Mark Keychain

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These are extremely popular options for both the Iron Anniversary (6th) and the Steel Anniversary (11th). They are blacksmith hand-forged from 3/8" iron/ mild steel. It will have tally marks on the front with the option for personalization on the back. These are made and stamped with antique blacksmithing tools! Because of that, each key chain is one of a kind and shows all the hammer marks that come with being hand hammered. Each line is marked individually and wont be exactly even. They have a wonderful feel in the hand, unlike anything you can buy in the store! Many people like to include a name or their anniversary date.

These are about 2.25 inches long by 3/8" square. The brass ring is 1 inch outer diameter. The finish is a light coat of linseed oil.

I can customize these with up to 8 characters (letters, numbers, and the symbols shown in the picture) on the front of the key chain and 8 more on the back. If you want to include periods "." or slashes "/" they do not count towards the 8. This way you can do ♥6TH♥, ♥H&H♥, Hogan B., 10.12.2012 , 12/12/2012, etc. I can do some other symbols too, just check out the last listing image. Please send me a quick message if this is unclear.

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It was perfect! I know my husband will love it.


Great anniversary gift for my husband!


So quick to respond to my message!


Very high quality, my wife loved it!


Great item, great job on key chain!