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Adirondack Iron

Copper and Iron Coffee Scoop

Copper and Iron Coffee Scoop

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Hole in handle?
Add personalization?

See this being made on my Youtube channel!

These Blacksmith made coffee scoops can be personalized with a single letter or number as well as the option of a hole. They hold about one tablespoon and measure 7 inches to 8 in length. The bowl is forged out of copper. The handle is hand forged out of wrought iron, no two are perfectly alike!

The wonderful thing about copper and wrought iron is that the finish will continue to evolve and change as the scoop is used! Maintenance is easy, just make sure it is stored clean and dry. Also you should occasionally lightly oil the iron handle.

All the work that I do is with antique blacksmithing tools. Because of that, each item is one of a kind and shows all the hammer and tool marks that come along with being hand made. They come freshly cleaned with a light coat of vegetable oil.

Thanks for looking!

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The quality and craftsmanship is top notch


Beautiful, I had letters stamped in each spoon